For over 25 years we have been in the Engine Building business. Our precise ability to meet your every desire and dream is our #1  objective.

440 Big Block-'71 Duster

SubmissionEngines is a family owned business operated by Carlos Gomez along with his son AdamCarlos has a reputation of HONESTY, PRIDE and INTEGRITY like no other in his field.  He personally will sit with you and get to know your specific need and desire for your engine.  He will also invite you into the build by welcoming you into the Engine Room the day your engine is hand assembled, hand massaged and Blue printed. He takes this approach with every customer that comes to his shop.



Unlike our competitors where you never really know “WHO” is building engines back there and “WHAT” parts are TRULY going into your motor. We have seen too many people become victims by being DECEIVED by our competitors where they pay for High Performance parts/ Components and NEVER get them in their engines.


Carlos and Adam building a Hemi

DO NOT let yourself become a victim like so many out there. Let SUBMISSION ENGINES knowledge and expertise along with your specific needs make ALL your Racing/Automotive dreams come true. Whether it be an Engine by  FORD, CHEVY, PONTIAC, PLYMOUTH/DODGE FROM ANY YEAR. WE CAN HELP YOU BECOME ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER.


Carlos puttin in a Hemi

Haddick's 2012 Car Show

MOPAR Max Magazine Cover Car May 2012



Submission Engines does it again!



511 cubic inch Hemi Engine pic of Chris' 1970 Roadrunner



Cover Car, Mopar Max Magazine May 2012/Engine by Submission Engines


Write up on Chris' Hemi Engine....on PUMP gas!!


Both built by Submission Engines/ ’71 Duster & ’70 Charger R/T- Big Block Motors!!